Spider-man, Deadpool and the female Thor. I decided to see what’s happening in Whitehorse today.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 23
I had two radical thoughts at the gym yesterday. Actually, there were more than two, but this is a PG rated site.

One: The scale at the gym is neither diagnostic nor prognostic. Therefore I skipped weighing in. I will do so next week when I’m closer to the hernia removal date.

Two: I found myself wasting time with thoughts about current events. I won’t go into details but one idiot’s name rhymes with slump and the other guy looks like a honeydew melon with a bad haircut. What I should have been thinking was “I am working hard to improve my fitness with the help of an intelligent, beautiful lady.” Gee, which line of thinking leads to a better day?

My hamstrings are baked. I am afraid to stand up.

It’s all good. Yoga later.