Invisible Woman and Spider-man. Looks like Toronto found summer finally. 30°!

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 19
A friend posted on my Facebook feed that the head game in this diet/fitness voyage might be the worst bit. (And when I say “voyage” I’m starting to think “Norwegian Epic Poem with extensive notes in Sumerian”.) As I noticed today that my brain was looking for new ways to criticize myself for dietary sins. It seems, now that being strict on the carbs/sugar is a habit, my beating up on myself is now equally as habitual. This means that my brain starts calling me names when I eat a single chip as opposed to going off diet for a whole day. This mental behaviour fails the “Is this helping?” reality check.

What I don’t need is my brain stressing me out more as I successfully restrict the carb/sugar flow.

The result is my cheat day was yesterday and not today. But I am having Sushi later because I want to. And for goodness sakes it’s Sushi, not a 3 course pasta meal.

I will confess that my son convinced me yesterday to add mini marshmallows and M&Ms to a regular brownie mix. I was really thinking it would be gross but — holy heart attack — those were good.