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BatmanSupermanSmall After all this prep the time has come. Am I able to battle the cravings that are coming or will I simply fold? Given the amount of preparation, I’m not feeling like quitting before I start. I have a lot of frozen meat-and-vegetable meals in the freezer and I’m planning on pulling off this first week. That should develop some momentum.

(Batman vs Superman came out this weekend; I want to see it. Also, visit someplace like Wellington, Ontario to boost the love from the sponsor.)

The “normal” week goes like this.

Food: eat either eggs and bacon or oatmeal in the morning. The rest of the day is mean-and-vegetable pre-prepared meals. Simple. Snacks? F__k them. Grapes or raisins in an emergency.

Fitness: Walking and biking to/from work will progress. The weather has just changed but I need some minor bike repairs. Pushups morning and night.

Monday – Mary Homework. Mary’s the trainer and I have some homework. However this first week I don’t have my Mutant Workout until Tuesday afternoon. I am writing my Canadian Securities Course exam on Tuesday.

Tuesday – A normal week would see the Mary Killer Workout at noon and karate at 6 PM.

Wednesday – Noon yoga

Thursday – either a Mary Homework session or a light workout. Typically I have double karate on Thursday nights.

Friday – if no Mary Homework on Thursday, then a light workout to keep limber. Early testing last week showed I tighten up very fast.

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – evening yoga.

This makes is all sound so … straightforward.

But it’s not. I had Catherine take photos of my in a gym shirt, a 2X, and I could not face posting those images today. They will be part of the before and after data for the end of June. One benefit I’m hoping is that I’ll be able to cross reference my self-perceptions with a new standard of how I physically feel and have a set of numbers and images that represent this basic truth. Perhaps acceptance will follow.

Tomorrow, I will post my notes on how Day 1 went. Basically I’ll be progress reporting each day as a means to keep myself on track and honest.

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