It’s Day 74 and I have a contest for you. It’s called Guess the Weight and Guess the Weight to Be.As you will see in the image below, there are two images of me on March 22 and May 31.

In this blog post’s comment area, put in the weight you think I was on March 22 and the weight you predict I will be on June 28.

Remember: I have not looked at any of my numbers on the scale during this process. My objective is to desensitize myself to the numbers on the scale.

I like the Spiderverse story line because it had so much imagination.

I will accept entries up to June 27.

There’s a prize! In fact what fitness/weight loss blog would not have a prize that involved chocolate? I will send the winning person some of my favourite chocolate. It will be from one of the shops in Kitsilano. Please visit the site and do things.

In a fairly irrelevant note, my bike had a flat tire today. My IT bands were happy for this, but my wish to improve my overall numbers was unsatisfied.



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