Technically this is some variant of Venom and Valkyrie, who is going to appear in the upcoming Thor movie. With in being so hot in Ontario, are people drinking more beer?

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 22
I would like to know the biology behind what I think I’m going to call Fake Hunger. This is where after dinner your stomach sends signals that it’s hungry, but you know that you had a filling dinner. But of course is was meat and vegetable and free of any refined carbs. I also know that if I throw peanut butter (all natural) or bacon at the problem, it removes the hunger pang, but only for a few minutes.

Last night I decided not to bother because why eat anything if it’s not going to make the body shut up? Even had I weakened, and ate chips or toast or something, it would still crave more.

It would be really nice if this stopped. Why can’t a body feel happy and satisfied to feast on the stored lard, a product that is readily available in good supply?