More Spider-man with some X-Men. My stress level is such that I want to go to Tofino and look at the beach.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 24
I bought a new foam roller, a torture device that’s used to squish out muscles like IT bands. They have them at Costco for cheap. However, they’re not foam. It’s has a metal core with rubber that looks and feels more like monster truck tire treads. No give at all.

Anther thing I learned yesterday is, when you have a hernia, you get a mesh installed when the hole is bigger than 2 cm. Which isn’t very big. Apparently my surgeon is using tried and true meshes.

No matter what information I look up on this, my sense of calm does not increase.

My surgical pre-assessment, which will take about 2(!) hours, happens Wednesday next.

I’m not nervous but I know a guy around my age who is.