Ms Marvel strikes again.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 127
I think for time management reasons, this will be the final entry for Phase 3.

I have about five minutes before I see the personal trainer. I’m feeling kind of rough and it’s not simply from staying up late drinking red wine with friends. The smoky haze in Vancouver is getting to me.

This is the time when I should be weighing the past and the future with respect to health.

The Past

  • Carbs and sugar are the key elements. They are bastards.
  • My body will fight me tooth and nail to lose weight. Accept it.

The Future

  • I will likely have a hernia operation that will knock me off my routine for 6 weeks
  • Phase 4 will start after Labour Day and run until I have the operation
  • Phase 4 will be the 6-day strict with cheat day but I have to start going after other food intolerances (i.e. coffee, beef, chicken) and put in some substitutes to see if I’m right about the allergies being a big factor in weirdness with the scale


I just got back from the trainer. My neck and shoulders were tight before I even got started. As she was digging her elbow into my traps, I voiced to my personal trainer the idea of quitting. She asked what I would do instead. Of course I had no answer. Am I doing this for vanity? For my family? Out of fear of medical people with sharp implements? In all honesty I have no idea.

It occurred to me later I could just Embrace the Lard. Meh. I don’t want to go back to not fitting in airplane seats.