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Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 118
Yesterday’s cheat day was good. Pancakes. Beer. Hamburger. Not always in that order.

On Friday though I was tired in a new way. Normally when I’m dragging myself and laundry up and down the stairs at our place, it’s’ my muscles that are whining. But in this low carb world, I was simply standing at the bottom of the stairs hesitating. My mind was wondering, what’s the deal? There were no overt aches – not like last week with my quads – just a complete stall.

I later spoke with a friend with more background in biology that me and she told me that since I was cutting off the access to easy energy, the body was summoning glucose from storage and that takes longer and, obviously, I’m not used to doing this. This I find odd as this is my fifth cycle with this ultra low carb strategy and I was hoping by now I would not be so screwed up by it.

I also don’t know how much more my kids can take. When I was discussing what a terrible impact the process has on my mood, my daughter said, “yeah, don’t leave the dishes out when he’s in the middle of that.”

At time of writing I’m back into the process. I figure my body will notice the change back to ultra low carb in about five hours.