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Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 126
Phase 3 ends Wednesday. There’s a difference between putting a positive spin on something and mindless optimism. I have a method of 6-days ultra strict and 1 cheat day that seems to be working. There’s a combination of significant discomfort followed by a release. Today I’m back on track and I actually wanted to be back on track. My innards truly let me know when there’s been too much sugar, dairy and wheat.

However, I suspect that my allergies are hosing the overall results. Given the air quality in Vancouver, everyone is respiratory challenged and I doubt my body chemistry is normal these days, which means I’m likely holding onto water.

Because there’s a lot of travel disruption in August, Phase 4 will start in September and last until I have my hernia operation. What I have to think about is how to break the allergy cycle. Coffee, beef and chicken are frequent parts of my diet and there’s evidence that they are allergens or food intolerances that are holding the results back.

So, that moves me to bison and turkey. I guess I could ask my buddy Jerry to roast a whole turkey and then chop it up and freeze it. I looked online and if you can believe it, Costco will ship me 10 bison rib-eye steaks for $140. That’s expensive set of dinners. I wonder if it would be cheaper to drive to Alberta and buy a whole bison.

Keremos BC, north east of Osoyoos, posted this sign.