I needed some Spider-man and Luke Cage

Mutant Diet 2021 Week 1 Review
OK. So. It’s week 2 and week 1 was a disaster. So bad I don’t want to document other than to say it was a disaster.

On the good news front, I did stock up on the basics I need to make week 2 less of a disaster. I also managed to attend a yoga class (first since November). Holy crap my wife and I were in pain for two days.

When I stop being angry at myself and I look at what events connect to carbs and alcohol, the whole insurrection thing in the USA didn’t help. It’s a stressor to want to live in a world free from stupid, racist, misogynistic people who try to overturn duly elected governments. And then to see people trying to overturn the US government made many people reach for the Chardonnay.

Also, a family member emerged from the darkness to distress my wife. That was a four-bottle trip to the wine store and sushi restaurant.

The prep for this week is to have carb-free breakfasts pre-prepared. I also had a pile of meat pre-cooked for the evenings to try to avoid carbs. It’s all right now trying to remove the massive desire for sugar and carbs.