Lots of Spider people! I did this bike ride home through Stanley Park yesterday.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 11
Spoiler alert. I have not quit my diet/fitness program.

I know why people do quit their diet/fitness programs. If you work for 557 elapsed days and lose 17 pounds you start to go crazy and think, “What kind of walrus is this?” Had I lost 1 pound a week on average that would have been 79 pounds.

So, monitor your own thought processes, ten bucks says your thinking is along the lines of, “Goodness that’s a lot of effort. He must be doing something wrong.”

The people who give up perceive people seeing them as being incompetent or stupid and, deep in their brain, think, “if people see me that way, I might as well enjoy the croissants.”

If you review the body of work, starting here you will see that I have been relentless and I’ve refined the process. I dare anyone to follow my current program for a week. Double dog dare you.

So, I am not asking for advice. I think I’m battling genetics, allergies and age. One thing is that I’m way stronger. I think I can pick up all the groceries and the Smart Car at the same time.