Ms Marvel, Iron Man and Spider-man in a Tony Stark suit. A lot of people are thinking about Edmonton today.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 27
Holy badger vomit, it’s October 1. Not only do a lot of pre-authorized payments come out of my account tomorrow, I am on the final five days of this phase. Friday is hernia removal day. I’ve asked my wife to text people when the procedure is done and say, “Congratulate us! It was a hernia! (and not a xenomorph)”.

I was pretty on track yesterday and could tell because even after a late-night trail mix treat, I was still hungry. Going to bed fixes that. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Because I’m unsure of when the next phase will start, I will give you a preview. My theory of my constant weight plateau is my food allergies. Therefore I will swap out chicken and beef with bison and turkey. I will also go from coffee to tea. I’ll try this for a week and see if it shocks the system.

However, I have to focus on my weigh-in on Tuesday and making sure my abs are as strong as possible for the “repair.”