Ms Marvel is the predecessor to Captain Marvel, which is an upcoming movie. Vancouver is still way too smokey.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 123
Accepting that something is difficult does not mean that you are whining. But I find I’m whining a fair amount and I want to move from whine to acceptance and, maybe on Saturday, to wine.

I’m hoping that if I write about my fears that they’ll stay here in the blog and not bug me when I’m trying to actually do something useful.

  1. The scale will never yield. Solution: become sufficiently strong that you can lift a horse without looking like one.
  2. What I’m attempting (i.e. significant weight loss for purposes of pleasing the cardiology industry) is impossible. What whirls around my head is the fact I’ve never read about an old white guy — who was never sporty — losing a ton of weight without benefit of a doctor holding a scalpel to parts of his body. Solution: Try not to think about it. Just because you’ve never heard of someone doing this, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
  3. I will become a grumpy old pus bag. Solution: monitor, monitor and monitor attitude by channeling a neutral or positive state of mind. E.g. yesterday when my bike got a flat I was angry but replaced it with the thought “glad it didn’t go flat while I was on the road!”

The problem with irrational fears is the irrational part.