Justice League with Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate. It’s nice and cool in Tofino.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 120
Back in saddle. Can I go back to bed now? There’s not enough coffee.

The key issue is controlling mood and attitude. Perhaps a start would be to avoid the news. The only real change is that I don’t feel as desperate. The cravings may have lightened. I wasn’t 100% carb free yesterday because I had rice last night. Ooooo. Rice. A killer. But that’s how strict this thing has to be.

One other thing that happened. I saw a picture of myself from 2002. My face then was chubbier than now. Hard to tell about the rest of it. I do know that if I took that guy and put him through the fitness stuff I do now, he would not make it. I wouldn’t mind having his lack of grey, however.

All right. Back to work.