A cool image from the Spiderverse series. A client renewed in Strathmore Alberta.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 26
It’s remarkable how fast your body goes out of the ketosis zone (that the keto diet fans look to achieve) when faced with a single gram of refined carbohydrate or sugar. The problem with me and the ketosis zone is that I am unbelievably grumpy and hyper sensitive.

Losing the ketosis zone is what happened at the Thai restaurant yesterday. Two things prevented me from staying on track. Actual hunger and a subtle peer pressure. The boss was paying for the meal to celebrate a co-worker’s significant years-of-service milestone. Everyone was ordering the lunch specials. I would have been stupidly expensive were I to custom order. The whole look-at-me-aren’t-I-special thing would have been outside my comfort zone.

One thing I noticed is that rice does not spike my sugar levels the way wheat does.

Today I aim for strict as I ain’t giving up my planned cheat day.