Spider-man and Luke Cage when he was trying to bring Spider-man to justice for Gwen Stacy’s death. Looks like the weather in Ottawa cleared up.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 94
I feel like a single refried bean crushed under an unyielding boot.

Up too late and up too early. Not an optimum combination.

There has been a consistent trend in the range of 2:30 PM in the afternoon where I feel illogically hungry and fatigued. Yesterday’s 2:30 PM crunch time required a walk to a bank machine and a coffee. Normally my coffee is all done before noon. Prior to this ultra-low sugar/carb process I would medicate with a nut/sugar/chocolate combo of some sort.

Until yesterday I pretty much assumed this afternoon mess was all born from bad habits, feeling cheated or some other strictly mental process. But as I continue a rare third week of unprecedented self-discipline, I wonder … there might be more bio-chemistry to this 2:30 PM than can be explained by mere bad behaviour.

However, I have no idea what this might be.