This image makes me wonder how much I’m fighting myself. I’ve been thinking about Calgary a lot.

Mutant Diet Phase 10b Finale
It was a successful if mysterious Phase 10b.

Why mysterious? If you look at the chart below, there’s an anomaly between the end of Phase 10a and the start of Phase 10b. How did I lose weight when there was a week’s vacation during which time I ate like a king?

Furthermore, the diet charts between Phase10a and Phase 10b show no distinct change in diet that would account for the extra efficiency.

All the theories I’ve pondered are not satisfying.

So, Phase 11 starts September 9. I am hoping to simply plug away at this. I was to be 250 pounds and deadlift 250 pounds. I am current 21 pounds away from the first goal and 70 pounds from the second.