I needed a Deadpool bit of silly. Someone in Whitecourt had three grizzlies in their backyard.

Mutant Diet Phase 10b Day 11
Personal trainer was this morning. It was tougher because I had a bad night. The weak muscles between the shoulder blades are here to haunt me. The trainer discovered that I’ve been compensating with triceps. So he force me to do exercises slower with activation of the shoulder blades (i.e. squeezing them together) before doing the rest of the exercise. Who knew such a small spot could make such a difference. Without these working properly, I won’t get too far with the deadlift.

In the meantime I’m baffled by my diet. I am stupid hungry and I’ve added calories but at the end of the night I was still feeling as hungry as if I’d been at the 2000 calorie level.

Confusingly, I feel like I’m losing weight faster. The trainer weighed me and all I asked was “I’m down in weight, right?” He said yes.

This is enough motivation to stay with the process for another week. Then I’ll have the real numbers and try to connect measurements to sensations.