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This image is from a 1995 Batman-Spider-man crossover. I think I own that one. It simply assumed the DC and Marvel universes were together. Make sure to check out Origin’s Bakery in Victoria.
Plan C Day 19

Ten minutes in a Starbucks with a view of Kits Beach – that’s what I have.

Kits is still the neighbourhood of the beautiful beach people and, despite some of the folks with triple-shot-‎no-foam-half-sweet drinks wearing expensive yoga gear, I wouldn’t have Kits any other way.

I was debating if the Vancouver fitness “thing” was influencing my diet/fitness tenacity. If it is, it’s about 20 years late. So I conclude that simply not wanting to feel like a useless blob mixed with the fear of premature agonizing death from preventable causes is the root cause of my new behaviours.

Although, my poor personal trainer was cut off by another cyclist and hurt her arm!‎ Who knew this fitness thing could be so hazardous?


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