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Time to visit Winnipeg.
Plan C Day 16

Anatomy of a dietary train wreck.

I had a chance to have dinner with a friend and see Suicide Squad. I’m not sure what the critics were looking for in this film. Did they get fooled by the hype? Did they not actual ever read a comic book? Anyway, I enjoyed it. Smith, Leto and Robbie were all great.

Back to the diet. I had a dinner train wreck because the sheer cost of having a healthy meal that might possibly taste good was double what it would be for a burger and fries meal.

I would have taken a chance on the side kale salad instead of fries had it not cost more. And, seriously, I don’t think it would have been appropriate to ask to do a taste test of the salad.

Speaking of things I don’t like paying extra for, I don’t like 3D movies. The glasses don’t fit and the effect is distracting. For me 3D glasses are to movies what kale salad is to a burger.


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