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I just thought this was a cool image. Here’s a good place to cool of this summer: Sunshine Coast BC
Plan C Day 11

Now, no one wants to hear about one’s physical problems, but what the heck. This is a diet/fitness blog entry.

Yesterday was a good day. I did a gym work out and I included stair master and battle ropes, so I was feeling pretty good. I rode home via the Chiropractor and she worked on my annoying hip. It’s funny because after and adjustment you sometimes think, “Did this do anything?” However, in this case the hip was feeling quite open.

Could I have found the solution set of physio, physio homework and chiropractic? It was karate night so I realized I was feeling rather tired. But I wanted to see if I could do the class and keep the hip in the location the Chiropractor put it. And maintain the postural elements of each move such that the stupid, lazy, gone-on-vacation glute muscles could actually help.

About 15 minutes before the end of the class, I was lying flat on a table asking my right leg, where it connects to the glutes, to relax. It was on fire and the message from the leg was “Get off me.” I think I was semi-catatonic for about 5 minutes.

Upon returning to the class, I realized my stomach hurt. It took a 15-minute rest period at home for that to settle down. Of course I wondered all along, “Jeez, is this the time to ask to be driven to Emergency for the hernia?”

It wasn’t until today I knew why rest was the answer, not the hospital. Your hernia is strangulated when there is a sharp pain when you cough and you can’t apply pressure to the hernia without sharp pain.

I think my name of this diet, “the hernia diet” is appropriate.


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