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I needed some Spider-man images to cheer me up. Check out a review of Vancouver Pools.

According to the physiotherapist, I have a hernia. According to the Internet (source of all bad medical knowledge) it’s an epigastric hernia, which is good because the other types sound really gross. There’s a distinct possibility I’ve had it for a long time and didn’t know. Did all the lard removal (mixed with enough ab muscle work to strangle a horse) reveal it?

Meanwhile, the hip was locked up tighter than a drum and is not the cause of the hernia but sure as heck isn’t helping. So, dry needling for purposes of intra muscular stimulation were applied which is hard to describe because your muscles clench kind of in the opposite direction of what you’d think normal and it feels quite unpleasant. However, the area let go somewhat but the satanic knot from the late 70s is still there.

Who knew my diet blog was going to turn into a medical diary. Good grief.

This is not going according to Plan B.


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