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I have this one. I was looking for a monster image and thought of it. For fun check out this new Granville Island article I wrote.

Blessedly the gout has let up. Not gone but I now don’t walk any funnier than usual. It sure shows in the step counter when you take the bus both ways.

The carb battle was better last night. I had greens in sufficient quantity and some raspberries stopped me from hitting the bag of chips.

Today will be a challenge because I did not feel well enough last night to cook before bed. (The anti-inflammatory has upset the innards, which is odd because I don’t remember it doing that last time I had gout.)

So today is the mine field of buying fast food lunch in a North American city where the motto is, “Can I provide you with 900% of your daily carbohydrate intake with that miniscule piece of protein and tasteless vegetable matter for only $15?”


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