This isn’t the Captain Marvel you were looking for. Complex legal and brand issues have led him to be Shazam. I wonder if the Prime Minister made it back to Ottawa in one piece.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 6
Blast. Can’t workout as I suspect I’ll hork all over everyone. Damn cold.

I received my new set of Harry Potter potions from the Naturopath. I am conflicted. My science mind wants to quack test the remedies. But the time it would take would exceed my ability and time available to sort through the online sludge. Plus, I won’t be able to find out how it works on my own chemistry. I have to try it.

But I am going to ask the Nautopath questions. I paid for it so I feel entitled, which one doesn’t at the doctor’s office as much.

The objective of this is to tweak digestion so that whatever part of my body is being slow at weight loss will stop being quite so stubborn.

This process has the advantage of being completely different. And it’s a 60-day process which lines up nicely with Phase 9.

Perhaps the hardest part is the recommendation have something like 40 different fruits and each of week. Good grief.