If I’m lucky, I’ll be more green by the end of this phase. I wonder if this museum in Toronto could find shoes for The Hulk.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Pre Show
So, I ate a lot this summer and that sucks. Now there is lost ground to make up. Oh well. Most of it tasted good.

I also thought about the next phase. Here’s a contradictory set of feelings. I was visiting a farm and a giant truck load of straw arrived that had to be loaded into the barn. I had no problem slinging bales of straw off the truck. I had slight muscle ache on the right side.

However, there was a photograph of me doing the work and I really hate the look of me. Still too big around the middle. That’s the polite way of expressing it. Frankly it put me in a funk. How the hell could I have made the progress I’ve made and still look like something that should be on the end of a harpoon?

Phase 8 will have a modified approach. My body does not like to lose weight, but it’s happy to build muscle. It occurred to me that if I have a lot more muscle, I’ll feel better and it might trick my metabolism to kick itself up a notch. These two articles contradict each other a bit so I keep open the fact that it might not work.



I had my trainer change up my routine to include work that would be intense strength building. This includes deadlifts, chest press and shoulder press. There’s nothing odd here except that I am to do four sets each to exhaustion each time. My first run at this showed me that my shoulders seriously lack flexibility and my traps, pecs and lats really reacted aggressively. They were sore but you could feel the muscle building.

As to diet, the plan is to do the 2500 calories based on meat and vegetables, but with the added discipline of intermittent fasting. This notion scared me until the idea was that fasting could occur while you are asleep. The popular articles want a 16-hour fast window, but I don’t think that will work for me. My trainer suggests 12 hours from 8 PM to 8 AM. This might be do-able for me. I’m never that hungry in the morning anyway, so deferring breakfast a little works.

However, ironically, an MD who’s specializing in obesity tweeted that intermittent fasting is another fad that doesn’t replace watching the calorie counts. I see the no-eating period more as a way to give ones’ innards a rest.

Phase 8 starts on Monday, Sep 10 2018 and goes to Friday, Dec 7 2018. 89 Days.