I needed a lot of Spider-people today. It’s warmer in St. John’s than in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 4
Yesterday’s calorie count doesn’t seem right. It seems low. But when you skip nuts, it works. I also did a weird thing. I broke the “you must eat what’s on your plate” conditioning and saved some meat from dinner for my 8 PM snack.

I have figured out dieting. I.e. Why it’s impossible and what has to happen for it to work.

If you are trying to lose weight and you buy that 2500 calories is the amount for slow weight loss, you have a problem. If you figure you should eat vegetables, meat and carbs (e.g. bread) you may only pick two. From my analysis you can’t have all three (in any satisfying amount) and stay within the calorie limit. Supplements are required so that you take some vitamin C and other stuff that fruit might provide.

That only took two years to figure this out. I found a diagram of a “standard” plate and made the necessary changes.

How long can any of us last without carbs? Physically, forever. Emotionally? Everyone for themselves!