I could not help but look up a Deadpool-Punisher crossover. Kamloops, it’s a funny name.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 37
The doctor prescribed me some fresh blood pressure medicine. Then I did some reading. It is common to find old white men like me, who have no other medical issues, to have high blood pressure.

Because I rode my bike to the appointment, and have been bashing at diet and fitness for over two years, the doctor can’t ask silly stuff like “do you smoke?” He did ask about cardio and told him what I do at the gym and cited cycling and sometimes 58 bpm resting heart rate. He looked over the blood work again and there’s nothing indicated that would be holding me back from weight loss.

However, in a month if I still can’t budge the scale, he’ll refer me to an obesity clinic to see what they can make of me. In speaking with other people, the wait lists are long but we’ll see. The doctor did say not to get stuck on the number on the scale, but the blood pressure would likely improve if I could lose 20 pounds. The general message was keep working at it.

My theory of what’s up with me on this is multi-pronged.

  1. Genes.
  2. Allergies. My immune system is always on. Always defensive. Weight retention is a defensive response.
  3. Habituation. My body has been excellent at optimizing to always store extra for decades. I am thinking it’s very good at reacting to change (e.g. my dietary twiddles)

I think I’m shifting my attitude to be more scientific and more experimental and less judgmental. I have so much data that when someone throws out suggestions, (e.g. “have you tried cutting out sugar?”) I can discuss from documented experience.

Mentally, this is a much better place to be dealing with what is still frustrating beyond belief.