Spider-man, the Hulk, Hellcat and a T-Rex, oddly. The weather has returned to sun and it’s making me want to take a wine tour in Kelowna.

Mutant Diet Phase 4 Day 6
The obvious challenge of meditation is trying to keep the mind from running off on one of the many topics besieging the mind. [[Oooo look some goofy people in line for coffee.]]

Last night before bed I was taking a moment to try to close my eyes and empty my head. [[Gosh that girl is pretty.]] I chose to listen to my pulse, which seemed quite loud. As I listened to it, I noticed it seemed fairly slow.

After giving up on meditation [[damn sibling discounts in the hot lunch program]], I took my pulse twice and it was 58 bpm. According to the chart here my heart rate for my age is excellent and one beat from the bottom range of athlete. [[Makes me question the chart.]]

I also managed to stay on the ultra low carb/sugar routine yesterday (a Saturday) and today is my cheat day, but I’m going to try to save the cheat for as late in the day as possible. Yesterday no matter how much salad and meat I shoved in my face, I could not stop the hunger pangs, which clearly had nothing to do with hunger but more to do with “Give me the sugar you sonofabitch.”