I couldn’t resist the panel where Wonder Woman nearly removes the head of vampire Joker. Today’s New Brunswick destination is the Fundy Coastal Drive.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 6
I am sure I am sane. I am sure I am sane. I am sure I am sane.

I hate those dreams you have in the night that you don’t want, don’t make sense, but after you go back to bed and start dozing off, they repeat, loop or vary on the same theme. It was something about travel, losing luggage, planes and one really, really grumpy travel companion who I didn’t even know.

The mysteries of sleep. If you are too fatigued, it’s hard to sleep. If you stay in bed too much you can’t do all the stuff.

I am feeling justified in today being a non-gym/non-yoga day. I was so tired yesterday after my workout my eyelid muscles were twitching.