I found another Justice Society Elseworlds image. Hot off the press … a new venture. Computational Fluency.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 15
I’m hoping that I’ve ingested all the Easter chocolate that I will. I definitely feel off track and somewhat mentally off kilter.

I was dissecting the yoga class from last night because I had two rest days prior to taking it. I was able to do more of the class, but what it as challenging and last week’s session or the painful one on Thursday? Hard to say. I woke in the night quite sore from it but was too lazy to stumble around in the dark looking for ibuprofen.

It seems to be a mind game right now between me, myself, the inner voices talking about chocolate and French fries and the integrated adult who doesn’t feel that a French fry is anything but a modified potato with limited nutrition. It’s not symbolic of any emotion in your head.

Red wine and chocolate … that might be a different story, especially in the presence of the Right Kind of Woman.