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Mutant Diet Phase 10b Day 5
This whole process seems to be about trade-offs. A 7:30 AM personal trainer session is brutal. I have a new trainer and he, at my request, was focusing on how I had hurt myself Tuesday doing deadlifts. My theory about bad form was correct. I have always had weak muscles in between the shoulder blades. I was shown how to activate these properly in a deadlift and I’m pretty sure I now know how to do this. I also have a hack for correcting my posture during the day. I slouch and it weakens the upper back.

The diet, however, went sideways due to pain. I was off-kilter for the rest of the day and took chocolate “medicine”. However, I achieved a lot of steps and kept my cycling going and the calorie burn recorded by the Fitbit was high.

And, the nocturnal disruption was lower than average as of last night. Fingers crossed I may have started re-training, even though I was super thirsty after 8 PM.