All the speculation on the last Spider-man movie had me wondering about other female characters. It took a bit to find a Black Cat image that wasn’t hyper-sexy. A man in Nova Scotia is very fond of his truck.

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Day 2
Good news I did a nearly textbook Day 1. I have to be super careful about tight spots. Mid back, calf, the gout joint and a couple more.

I tried to push the weights a bit to try to achieve this magic point where the muscles go into a slight inflammation that triggers growth. It’s taken three years of preparation to have muscles that know that more work is coming. They were couch potato muscles for so many years that they needed retraining.

But today is one of those social events involving food. Day 2 is damage control.

Oh, apparently if you have an anxiety disorder and you exhibit signs of self-hatred, it doesn’t help. Who knew?