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There are very few parents in comic books. The superheroes often have parent figures, but rarely do they become parents themselves. The Fantastic Four is an exception and this image shows Luke Cake and Jessica Jones as parents.

Happy Father’s Day to fathers all over.

It’s a wet Sunday in Vancouver and I still have a cold. Make it go away.

Tomorrow is my second-last Monday before the final weigh-in and measurements. The conclusion I have drawn so far is that I probably started out worse off than I thought, made significant progress, but still have 40-50% remaining.

The plan for the summer is to ride as much as possible and continue my personal trainer homework at the gym. Diet-wise, I am not going to stress, but I’m not going back. Wheat is going to be minimal as that seems to be the key for me.

In September, I want to kick off a second round to push through to completion before Christmas. Completion will be defined next week.

There’s still time to play Guess the Weights game from Day 74. Put your guess on the comment page.

Make sure to visit Hamilton Street Grill for good food.


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