After last week, I really need some Punisher and Wolverine

Mutant Diet 2021 Week 2 Review

There is of course no chart for this entry, which would have covered last week. This is because last week was a total bust. Situational stress. I really can say no more because of the need for privacy. Everyone involved is fine, but I have called for mental help.

The stress of trying to figure out health and fitness in the middle of a pandemic, while working full time, and trying to finish a course is a lot. The course is material that simply doesn’t stick well in the old noggin.

And, of course, there’s the fun of dealing with feeling like a loser because there are many, many people far worse off than me. There has to be a balance somewhere.

Good news: Me ‘n the wife did yoga on Friday and the recovery time from the workout was far less. Hoorah. That first one back was tough.

Let’s see if I can bring some coherence to this week.