In honour of WW84. Some Vancouver Christmas lights

Mutant Diet 2021 Edition
I have few delusions about how hard it will be to improve my diet/fitness.

When the pandemic hit, I had just deadlifted 255 pounds. My last entry was

I’ve not done a self-paced gym workout since. I’ve gained weight, managed some exercise (in the summer I cycled), and finished off a set of personal trainer sessions. I’ve also battled with and (more or less) won a battle with anxiety and depression. The severity was middle-range as I was generally able to function. Although a lot of April and May of 2020 is a bit of a blank.

As I enjoyed Christmas foods, I knew that I would have to bear down on the problem again.

One thing that’s clear is that this will be slower than I want and harder than I’d like.

I concluded that I want a longer view with slightly more general goals. A positive approach with a bit more compassion when errors occur is required.

Overall Objectives

  • Aggressively reduce refined carbohydrates
  • Eat fresh vegetables and simple meat
  • Gradually innovate my exercise to move back into more movement. This one will be dependent on weather, time, and public health orders. One of my Yoga studios has reopened. I’m hoping to be able to get back to that. Innovation at home will be necessary as well.

How do I measure this?

Pants and belt.

The workouts I can feel.