Here is my most recent email to Iker, Fassbender and Clark.

Mr. Iker, Mr. Fassbender,

So, it’s begun. Educational Erosion. A family of my acquaintance has sent their children to independent school so that their children can go to school at all. They were walking distance to school, but now have to drive. But with no school on, what does distance matter? I am disheartened because they were an active part of the school community.

So, Mr. Fassbender, if as many say that your big secret vision is to privatize education, you are on the right track. However, you have not done your homework. There isn’t the capacity in the private/independent system to handle the volume.

So, Mr, Iker, if you win this battle with the government you will be standing on the remnants of an education system. Your teachers will be debt-ridden and impoverished and stressed out. The remaining students will be even more difficult to handle. Your crusade to save public education will be a hollow, ash-filled victory.

The better solution is for you two to drop the rhetoric, schedule meetings and sort this out. The damage you are causing is undermining your goals. You are on the path to shared mutual destruction and you are taking my children with you.

Ms Clark … where are you?????????

– Rob.