I love finding these old covers. Did you know Lillooet and Lytton, BC recorded a temperature of 44.4° C in July 1941?

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 115
Don’t you hate it when you make an effort to go to bed earlier, but you don’t feel like you slept well?

At the trainer yesterday, it was a weigh-in. My weight was the same, but the percent body fat dropped 3.7% from the previous week, and my water weight was up by 8 pounds. Freakish to be sure, but I think I know where the water came from. I had a litre of Coke Zero the day before. I was wanting cold caffeine late in the day and this was the only size they had. I have a food intolerance/allergy to cola products and when I have an allergic reaction to anything, I hold water.

So much for no sugar pop. I will refrain from those products and see what happens next week.

In other freakish stuff, what’s the deal with my sense of smell? It’s on fire. I was standing on a busy street corner and the lady beside me had recently washed her hair (still slightly wet-looking). Had the light not changed, I was pretty sure I could have figured out what brand of shampoo she’d used. A little later I could make out the smell of burning incense … in front of The Hyatt. What the hell?

Maybe next this diet will fix my need for reading glasses. Sheesh.