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The ultimate crossover was the Amalgam universe where people like Batman were crossed with Wolverine.
Plan C Day Finale

Weigh in days are always depressing. For anyone you considering this kind of body correction/de-lardification, brace yourself for a long haul. We’re talking Bonavista NL to Tofino BC on foot carrying a backpack with 10-pin bowling balls. (Yes, please visit the links.)

However, I estimated a 3 pound loss and I lost 2.8. This was based on how I was feeling physically and past experience with the Mutant Diet, Plan B and Plan C.

So, for the record, I’m 282.6 and on March 29 I was 298.7.

Plan D is coming after Labour Day. The problem is at my current rate of weight loss I won’t make the 250 target I want before Christmas. With the hernia I can’t do anything insane fitness-wise and, diet-wise, useful corrective actions in addition to what I’m already doing are simply not obvious. Ask five people and obtain five different ideas.

Perhaps the cliché of “slow and steady wins the race” is the correct adage. Images and data follow.




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