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So for comparative drawings today, I picked Catwoman. Sex is used a weapon with this character. Is the trend into the 21st century right? Increased women’s rights and hotter comic book images? For more detail Catwoman Costume History.
Plan C Day 9

What about Wednesdays? Today is a yoga class day and that’s fine. Except I can’t do wide leg forward folds or triangle poses. The hernia during these poses seems to want to jump out like a xenomorph from Alien.

I worked on the glute muscles yesterday in that I wondered if they could be activated better during karate. Yes they can but only if I imagine — when doing a block for example — that I’m bringing my leg tighter into the leg socket. This opens the hip, tightens the glutes, and stretches (surprisingly) my quad.

The problem is that the glute turns off and goes on vacation the moment I stop concentrating.

Who wants to think about one’s own ass that much? Sheesh.

Time for a drink in Vancouver.


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