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In crossover history in 1978 Spider-man met Superman in a giant oversized comic that I have in storage. Again they ignored the fact they don’t exist in the same universe. Victoria BC is not always in this universe. Check out this tiny park.
Plan C Day 20

I guess it’s a good sign when I had to find a smaller belt. The question is, how will any changes I’ve made show up on the % body fat and weight numbers? I am sceptical partly because the scale has been mean to me in the past and the effort for Plan C seems less somehow.

However, this could just be the Diet Blues talking. When I was having my hair cut yesterday, there was a different face looking at me in the mirror. That old guy actually had a jaw line, whereas about 2 haircuts ago he showed a puffier visage. These small changes have to be used for self-motivation. Oh, don’t you wish it was possible to go into an electronics store and buy a motivation chip to shove in one’s brain?

If there was ever a test of perseverance and patience, this is it. Plan D is coming. But I’m unsure how to make it more fun than the original Mutant Diet, Plan B and Plan C. Fun, being a relative term that really translates to “not so annoying that I give up.”


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