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Here’s today’s comic book vs live action comparison. Time to visit Halifax, I think.
Plan C Day 13

Refinement is good in clothes and manners but not wheat, sugar, opium and other commonly used products. An Economist article I read recently talked about there being too much opium-based drugs in rich countries and almost none in poor countries from where, ironically, most of the raw material is produced.

I took a sip of my daughter’s favourite iced Starbucks drink and it was so sweet I yelped. Perhaps I’m pulling back my own refined sugar needs? How quick to re-acclimatize to old levels?

I spend a lot of time feeling daunted. I feel the progress. A golf shirt is baggy where a few months ago it was tight, but the finish line (or perhaps next milestone) seems so far away.

Any ideas on during that daunted feeling into motivation?


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