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I really think Green Lantern should guest star on The Flash TV show. It’s filmed in Vancouver.

Well, despite gout, a hernia, bad weather and bike repairs I closed out the 12-day Plan B with a weight loss of 3 pounds.


I can only conclude that the reduction of the 4 horsemen of the lard apocalypse (wheat, corn, rice and potato) is at the heart of this result.

It’s a pity that I can’t compare to the Mutant Diet easily because I simply did not move as much on average. The second chart shows what fitness I did since June 28 and compares averages with the 15-week Mutant Diet.


It took a lot today to find an umbilical hernia belt (Specifically the bort but the model they use I don’t think has ever had a zit, let alone a hernia.)

So, look for Plan C in late July and early August. It’s going to be one hernia of a plan.


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