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I have this comic book. It’s from a nostalgic period for me. Here’s somewhere else I feel nostalgia. Sandbanks Provincial Park.

A week to go for Plan B. I suspect this will be another situation where I have to deal with results modified by circumstance. This is a fancy way of saying I have excuses. Whether the excuse is valid is up to you. Would any of these circumstances derail you?

Circumstance 1: Gout. This is too short a work for something so painful. I say we call it peptodismarhizotomtis. It’s nominal at the moment, but it messed up my calve, knee and IT band.

Circumstance 2: Bike repair and crap weather. The cycling numbers are really low for this week. I don’t have rain water gear and I’m not buying any — MEC only has sizes for skinny bastards.

Circumstance 3: My abdominal muscles are so locked up on the right side that it’s trying to turn my belly button from an in-y to an out-y. I am going to have to go to physio because this all comes from my satanic right hip muscles.

I also have to apply the lacrosse ball to the affected area, which is now larger. It is definitely distorting the muscles over the midriff.

All this makes me want to eat bad things. However, I am started to enjoy salads more. This week we had kale and last night we modified a rice-vegetable salad to use quinoa, which was a little bland for Catherine but Tim and I enjoyed it.

My cooking saviour Jerry now has beef and chicken to prepare for me to push me over the finish line. Day 12 is Friday.


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