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Here’s some of the Justice League travelling through time. Take some time to visit Hamilton Ontario, not the steel town it once was.

A yoga teacher friend and entrepreneur wrote an article referencing the Mutant Diet. Check it out in Overcome an Epic Fail + New Intuitive Program.

For my part, I have concluded that Dieting and Time Management should be a thing.

Case in Point: I left work yesterday about 4:15, took the bus due to the gout. It was raining. I walked over to the bike shop and retrieved the repaired bike. Raining harder. Rode 2 km home.

I was soaked and all gritty from gravel in the park. I had to inspect and pump up the tires of my son’s bike (bike camp next week). By the time I had done that, de-gritted, hung soaked clothes and realized I could not do karate. I was hungry. Salad was to be made, but I realized that I had to call my mother and sister back east. So, I did that and realized, when done, I had 24 minutes before a Strata Council meeting at which I had direct responsibilities.

Enter food crisis. Do I wait until the meeting to eat? I can’t make the salad in time. Bad idea. I might kill someone. So, I cook up scrambled eggs and take from my stash of frozen pre-cooked bacon and make it to the meeting. Catherine makes the salad and I eat it after. About 9:30 PM. It tasted great. Phew. Diet preserved; lives saved.

One thing the fitness/diet industry has to take into account is that the time to make the right food is not easily arranged. Throwaway statements like “if it’s important to you, you make the time” are not helpful. And, if I could actually create time, whoa, that’d be cool.


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