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I like it when Spider-man and Deadpool verbally spar. Outdoor Vancouver Art is here.

This morning. Gout. The right foot’s big toe joint is always touchy since 2013 when an antibiotic triggered the first and worst bout of gout. Today it was making walking difficult. So time for the real anti-inflammatory.

Yesterday, food-wise, was not so perfect. I tried to keep the intake during the day yesterday to something sensible, but after walking home, then walking over to the bike shop to arrange for a new wheel for the bike, and then walking home led me to a very hungry state. I quickly made bacon and eggs.

Cath and Tim had not eaten as they’d been cleaning and organizing all day. So I took them to Vera’s Burger Shack. I ate again, but a few fries were consumed. I was totally strung out.

The lesson is to be better prepared before dinner time. I have recruited C & T to do some supply shopping for me today

BTW, when I weighed in yesterday I was still at my 288 that I registered on June 28 — this despite beer and treats on the long weekend.

Hopefully today will be more balanced. Especially if the anti-inflammatory works.



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