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This is a Suicide Squad image. It’s one of the comic book movies I want to see before I read any reviews. Speaking of prisinors, please read Vancouver Bastille Day in Yaletown.

Last day of Plan B. Wow, talk about not going according to plan. I weigh in and do some numbers today at noon but really, it won’t tell me much.

I had clear weather for riding, but last night I put my bike in the new rack in our laundry room. Unfortunately, I forgot that parts of the floor were being painted that night. Not only was the paint not dry this morning, it was not even close. Good grief.

On the way home yesterday, I saw the chiropractor who made an o-boy-I-can’t-fix-that face when I told her about the hernia. But she was able to adjust me and align things rather easily. I think the work I did made the adjustments easier. Sometimes I felt she had to do a WWE style body slam to get my back to line up. Yesterday was simple torque release stuff. Karate was later and it was OK.

Time to figure out what I can do fitness-wise without pissing off the hernia.


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