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This is from the Identity Crisis arc, which was controversial because of the nastiness done to superheroes’ spouses. I’m going to cheer up by imagining I’m on the beach in Tofino.

Including today, the 12-day experiment ends in three days. I was talking with Victoria yesterday and due to gout, my bike being in the shop, and now the hernia, there’s no real comparison to the original Mutant Diet. I’d say I was 95% true (so far) to removing the Four Horsemen of the Lardapocalypse (wheat, corn, potato and rice) from the equation.

So, if there are any changes to my weight, body fat or waist figures, they have to be judged in the context of what actually happened, not what I planned to happen.

Today I try to convince 10 remaining holdouts that (due to my server upgrade) the link on their website is now invalid and they are going to lose business.

I arrived on a damp morning to work (I did managed to cycle) to a collection of buses (about 8) on that curved stretch of Dunsmuir/Melville that between Burrard and Thurlow. At least one was broken and the rest were pretty much blocking all lanes. Yeesh.

I have yoga this afternoon. I’m tempted to do Savasana (Corpse Pose) for the whole session.


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