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I am off to Toronto to visit my mother who is in hospital. These kinds of things really throw a wrench in planning as this trip was unplanned.

I am adding a superhero image to all postings for no real reason except I like them and they are part of the fitness theme for this 90-day journey.


I have worked out a deal with the trainer whose secret identity I will reveal in an upcoming post.

Please visit my sponsorship site. Check out Toronto.

As a result of planning I’ve been trying to observe what I eat and what influences the mistakes I make. (A mistake is defined as unneeded wheat products or sweet treats.)

The conclusion I’ve reached is that I have to have all my food for this 90-day sprint pre-planned with back up plans. It is very difficult to say no to the bread-like foods when you eat anywhere, particularly if you are at a take-out or restaurant situation. If in a restaurant, I’ll have to say I’m on a strict diet for health reasons and ask for custom meals. I’ll also need a batch of pre-cooked frozen meals to my spec located at work and at home.

I can say I’m getting nervous. My commitment is high and my curiosity on how this will turn out is high. But I feel the edges of feeling daunted.

Stay tuned.

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