Spiderverse. I saw the animated movie over the holidays. We just got home from Victoria.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Warm Up
Phase 9 preparation. Gasp. I went to the gym today and did my high intensity workout. Yep, it’s still high intensity.

So, what’s to be different? Not a lot. Heavy workouts. Low carb as possible. And I’m going to see if the Naturopath can come up with some Harry Potter style potions to tweak my metabolism. Despite really frustrating articles saying carbs aren’t that bad and my Fitbit isn’t measuring calories correctly, I am willing to try anything to see if my system can burn off some lard.

And, if you have to dump calories, the rice/wheat/potato/sugar contributions I don’t think lead to any known health benefits. Have you ever seen a headline that reads, “If you don’t have that baguette, you’ll die!!”?

Phase 9 is scheduled for 68 days starting Monday. It ends on the Friday before a trip to Harry Potter World. No dieting allowed in America I’m told.