Team shot! I need to hide somewhere. How about Campbell River?

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 9
The fact we’re collectively trying to figure out weight-loss with no understanding of how individuals vary in weight acquisition (or not) is frustrating. I guess I have to put that aside and continue sniping at the medical community for not knowing. The diet/fitness industry seems to be chasing the latest fad one at a time until they hit the jackpot.

I have to write to the Naturopath and ask why at Sunday’s yoga class I had more flexibility in what felt like all of my joints. And I was sick. I’m still sick, which is not helping. The quads and hamstrings retained their usual level of resistance, but I could twist much more freely. I wonder which of the Harry Potter potions she’s given me is doing that.

I want to lose weight and increase strength. I don’t want to participate in a 17 part mystery novel.